Greg Trine, (Author) Frank W. Dormer, (illustrator)

Superhero Jo Schmo has a problem: There aren’t any crimes to fight in San Francisco! So she and her doggy sidekick Raymond build a time machine and head back to the Gold Rush Days to track down the notorious burping outlaw Wyatt Burp. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing back in the present time. Two mean girls have it in for Jo, and they’re lying in wait for her with a wrecking ball. If Wyatt and his Hole in the Head gang don’t get her, Gertrude and Betty will. Look out, Jo!
PRAISE FOR THE ADVENTURES OF JO SCHMO SERIES "Lighter-than-air superhero fun."—Kirkus "Trine’s offbeat brand of humor and Dormer’s angular, childlike illustrations . . . hit the mark."—Publishers Weekly "There’s plenty of goofy middle-grade appeal here for both boys and girls."—Bulletin —

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