Frank W. Dormer, (Author/illustrator)

A hilarious and wacky graphic novel for the youngest readers about navigating friendships—and the playground

The slide. The swings. The monkey bars. The seesaw.

Tuna, Noodle, and Margo each head for their favorite spots, like always. But today, there is a bear on the slide, and—gasp!—they won’t come down.

Together, this ragtag group of pals must tackle the playground, navigate friendships old and new, make it through bizarre mishaps, and sometimes get a little . . . kooky.

Featuring comic-style illustrations full of color, zany humor, and memorable characters, this young graphic novel reminds new readers that any day spent with friends is a great day—and a learning experience!


Editorial Reviews

From School Library JournalGr 1–3—In this graphic novel aimed at newly independent readers, three animal pals meet up at the playground: Tuna, a narwhal-esque creature; Noodle, a green snake wearing a cap; and Margo, a pink bird. Expecting to have the place to themselves, the friends are surprised to encounter a growling bear on the slide. They try to remove Bear—Tuna builds a robot to go after Bear; Margo attempts their most impressive duck calls, but despite Bear's frightening exterior, they aren't the tough, growly type. Turns out, Bear is a bit scared and eager to meet new friends. The book is cleverly divided into chapters with each devoted to a different playground area where the crew has zany mishaps. There is no shortage of giggle-inducing words ("Oh no! Margo fizzled their neenee bopper!"), but this tale also shares valuable wisdom as the foursome all learn important social skills such as sharing and accountability. Dormer designs simple yet accessible cartoon vignettes that early readers will fully embrace. The palette relies on rich tones that are a perfect fit for the animal characters and setting, while the text incorporates short dialogue with onomatopoeia to both engage and enthrall comic readers. Dormer includes a note stating that all characters use they/them pronouns, to honor his daughter, Sam, who is transgender. VERDICT A winning graphic novel that offers a lively reading experience and introduces a delightful cast of animal characters navigating the ups and downs of friendship.—Claire Moore, Manhattan Beach Lib.

"Slapstick humor and light mayhem abound... Bright, cheerful colors, uncomplicated backgrounds and paneling, and large, simple facial expressions make this a strong graphic novel for young independent readers. Silly fun." ―Kirkus Reviews

"Crisp, highly distilled art and unconventionally streamlined characters capture the group’s silliness and rapport, while snappy all-dialogue text includes wonderful euphemisms... As the sun sets, the playmates concur that it’s been a playdate to remember, and readers should readily agree."―Publishers Weekly

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